Saturday, May 10, 2014

Paddling the Madison River

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Today we're paddling the Madison River!!  We need to scope out the put-in and take out points and take a look at what we'll be paddling.   This stretch of river is rated as Class 1.  I'll be using my Necky Dolphin which is NOT a whitewater boat.  That will be an issue on each of our paddle days.

The start was going to be downstream from Earthquake Lake.  This lake was created after an earthquake struck on August 17, 1959.  The quake triggered a landslide on Sheep Mountain that fell into the Madison River, creating a dam.  The water backed up creating the lake.  Before the new landslide was breached by rising waters, the US Army Corps of Engineers constructed a spillway to minimize erosion and potential failure of the natural dam.  The landslide killed 28 people who were camping along the shore of Lake Hebgen and downstream.  

The water flows through the landslide area...

Getting ready to launch.  Me, Lois, and Lonnie.

Oooo, these are some wild waters for me!!  

The plan was for me to follow Lois and go where she goes because she's experienced at this stuff and can read the water very well.  I found out that my boat is like a rocket ship in this water.  And it does NOT want to turn.  I had a real hard time with that.  As much as I tried to stay behind Lois far enough to have time to react but close enough to see obstacles and stuff, I couldn't do it.  One time she said "Let's get out of the flow here." and as much as I tried to turn my boat, I shot past her and missed the calm water.  That made me VERY nervous.  

It sure was beautiful out there.  Here's Lois parked along the bank.

We stopped for a break at a shallow spot.  Lonnie, Me, Lois holding Tippy.

Let's row...

Row, row, row your boat...



Lonnie and me...

Tippy butt (The End).

That was really fun.  Fantastic day.  

The finishing touch was dinner back at camp - pork chops, mac & cheese, broccoli & carrots, and cranberry sauce.  Yum YUM!

Next up...  dualsport riding!!