Thursday, November 15, 2012

DRZ and healing issues

Nov 15, 2012

The shock on the DRZ needed servicing.  I got it back and installed it on the bike.  As I started to push it out of the garage, the front end wouldn't turn at all.  Like the forks were locked.  I dismantled the front end to find the lower steering head bearing was shot.  It was a mess.  I cleaned it all up and ordered a set of new bearings.  Hopefully they'll arrive today and I can install them this weekend.

My collarbone is not healing.  The doc ordered a bone growth stimulator on Oct 30.  I have yet to receive it. It seems the doc office dropped the ball.  The insurance company requested more information from the doc and he hasn't sent it yet.  I've been making phone calls to get it done.  Since next week is a holiday, I'm sure nothing will get done then so who knows when I'll get this thing.  In the meantime, I still have a broken bone and can't so my normal stuff.  Every day they delay is a delay in my recovery.  Pisses me off that they're dicking around at my expense.  I've been nice so far but that's about to end.  

Next week is Thanksgiving - my fave weekend of the year!  I'll be going rv camping with my friends as we do each year.  We have the full T-giving feast.  This year is Myakka River State Park.  I can't wait!!

More later.

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