Friday, July 31, 2015

And... I'm off!! Edit: And I'm back home.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Ok, I'm ready to roll.  Here's the beastie:

I sure hope I don't drop it.  I'll never be able to pick it up!

Latah gatahs!

Update:  Well, I got about 20 miles down the road and the bike died at a stop light.  I had no battery power at all.  Called AAA for a tow truck (which remarkably arrived fairly quickly) and had it taken to the motorcycle shop in town.  They diagnosed a fried stator.  This is a known issue on these bikes.  And of course my warranty ran out in March.  

Anyway, I'm getting an aftermarket stator overnighted so that it'll be here by Monday morning and the bike will be fixed on Monday.  I've changed my train reservation for next Friday the 7th and I've pushed the ferry reservations out one week.  I won't have a cabin on the ferry but thems the breaks.  

Stay tuned for the restart next Friday!

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