Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ready to hit the road!

All packed and ready to go.  The plan is to get on the road around 7am tomorrow.  

First stop is the Houston area to see my Dad.  His 80th birthday is coming up soon and we're going to celebrate it while I'm there.  He doesn't know I'm coming so it'll be fun to surprise him.  

Well, here I go!!


  1. Excited for you! Lois says your rig looks a lot like ours on some of our trips. ;-) couple numbers for you Pat's225-936-4210 Lonnie's225-405-1695 They are camped in Lakecity Colorado. If needed for help or play! They're camp at the foot of the Alpine Loop,which is one of the best dualsport rides in Colorado. Be safe!

  2. YAY! Can't wait to follow this! Have fun at daddy's place. Bet he'll be surprised.
    Have a nice trip sistah! Will be thinking of you!