Friday, August 9, 2013

The fun starts tomorrow!

Drove the rest of the way up to Denver area today.  It was a good drive.  I watched the sunrise over the Comanche National Grassland.  

Just north of there where it was still flat and open land, there was a mountain that popped out of the ground.  Really odd to see it there with nothing else around.  It's called Two Buttes.  It's in south eastern CO.

Saw a bunch of those wind turbines.  Damn they're big!!  They're so cool looking.  

For miles and miles, there were a lot of sunflowers growing everywhere.

Got here to Tina's at lunch time.  We went out for sushi for lunch.  It was good!  We were both as full as a couple ticks on a dog.

Me and Tina.

Came back to her house and packed and loaded up for the start of our trip tomorrow.  All we have to do in the morning is eat breakfast before we go.

Tonight we're going to watch "Thelma and Louise" before we go to bed.

Keep your eye on TigerKitty for the next week!  She'll be on the move!

Tour de National Parks...

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  1. So are you in Arizona? According to your spot you are on HWY 191? If so that's one of the finest motorcycle roads in the country. Parts of that route is the three 666's! Which had a name change, because of the reference to bible and the Devil. Are you going to visit Canyon de Chelly?