Sunday, September 29, 2013

Beartooth Pass, Red Lodge MT, and back to Yellowstone

It's still Tuesday, August 20, 2013 and we're riding up through Beartooth Pass.

SHEEEEPP!!!  Ok, goats.

The pass is at 10,947'.  Oh yeah, it's WAY up there.  And the views are spectacular!!  

What a great road too.  Now we head down the other side.

Jimmy caught a couple of pics of me descending from the pass.

Look at this rock fall area.  That's the road up there.  See it?  Rocks, please don't fall while I'm riding beneath you!!

There were fires burning all over the place.  There was the big one in Yosemite but also a bunch in Yellowstone and vicinity.  As we started to approach Red Lodge MT, we came across this fire that had just started.  It was near some houses.  I hope they all made it through ok.

The town is just ahead of us.  After we got through, they were closing down the road.  I'm glad we didn't have to go back the way we came. 

We stopped in Red Lodge for some lunch at the Red Lodge Cafe.   

Lunch was yummy and we were ready for it! 

After lunch, we continued on out of Red Lodge east to Belfry, then south on down to Cody WY.  In Cody, we stopped at the Sierra Trading Post Outlet.  I didn't think the prices were very "outlet-y" but it was still fun to look around.  

After that we headed back to Yellowstone.  The route we were going to take was closed due to fires but the alternate was just fine.  We rode by the area of Yellowstone with all the thermal features.  We didn't stop because it was getting late but I went back another day and spent some time.  (Stay tuned for that episode coming up!)

Pat got a pic of the Smith Mine Disaster site as we rode by.  An explosion ripped through the mine.  Of the 77 men working that day, only 3 got out alive, and one rescue worker died soon afterward.  All the buildings and everything are still there but it's a ghost town.

More smoke from fires on the way back.  This is looking over Yellowstone Lake.

This day we rode 385 miles; 9 hours and 9 mins of riding.  It was a great day!!

Next up...  paddling the Madison River.

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