Saturday, September 21, 2013

Next Stop... Grand Staircase - Escalante Nat'l Monument and Beyond!

After Bryce Canyon, we drove to Escalante Petrified Forest State Park to camp for the night.  We had dinner at Circle D Eatery which was MOST excellent. 

Back at camp, it was just about dark when I spotted a rattlesnake that slithered under the car and into the brush on our campsite.  We immediately chased after it with our flashlights but we never did find it.   I really wanted to see it.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The next morning we were back at Circle D for breakfast.  Man, they had some good food!!  Then we were off to Capitol Reef National Park via Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monument.

Well, this was the Thelma and Louise trip after all!!



Scenery along the way.

At the Escalante Interagency Visitors Center, they had several hummingbird feeders set up.  They were LOADED with birds!  Several species too.  I only recognized the Rufous hummingbirds.

Statue in front of the visitor center.


You're probably wondering why so many pics of me and Tina like that.  Well, we have a bunch of friends who were bitching about not enough pics of us.  We decided to shut them up by taking a series of pics with the same setup in the foreground but all the backgrounds would be different.  We had fun doing that.  :-D

Approaching Capitol Reef NP.

Inside Capitol Reef NP.

There you have Capitol Reef.  Holy smokes!  What a place!  That was just a small bit of it too.  Amazing.

After Capitol Reef, we head to Colorado National Monument.  

It looked like we were on another planet or the moon.  Or that someone had mined everything and all that was left was the tailings.  

There was even a Man in the Moon.

Well, there's a little bit of green.

Oooo!!  Orange rocks!!

And then we arrive at Colorado NM.

We hiked along the edge of the canyon.

Gnarled trees.


Ok, it's just a lizard.  But still cute.

What a glorious end to the T&L portion of the trip!!

Just over 2000 miles in one week.  And we saw and did a lot!

We ended that portion of the trip back at Tina's house in the Denver area.

On Friday, August 16, 2013, we lounged around and rested up.  Tina had business to do and I spent the day doing the first of my blog updates and processing photos.  Did some laundry and other such stuff.

On Saturday, August 17, 2013, we got on the motorcycles and went to Rocky Mountain National Park.  Instead of going through all the hassle of unloading my bike off the trailer that was parked in Tina's garage, I just rode 2-up with her hubby Mike.  That was fine with me!  I like being able to look around and take pics.

Here's Tina as we leave her neighborhood.

Lookin' good, T!  Don't let those cyclists pass you!

Saint Malo Retreat Center 

We stopped for breakfast/lunch at the Egg and I restaurant in Estes Park.

MMMmmmm, good!!

At the park visitor's center, we saw this dog cut like a lion.

Another view.

This is the Horseshoe Park - Alluvial Fan site.  

In 1982, a lake that was held in place by an ancient terminal moraine burst through and washed boulders and debris four miles down to the valley floor.


Yep, she's still back there.

Hi Tina!!

That concludes the Rocky Mountain National Park portion of this trip.

It was a great week of travelling with Tina.  But now it's time for me to move on to the next phase of my trip - Yellowstone National Park.

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