Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Catching up

I got a little bit behind with limited internet access.  Still can't get pics uploaded though.  I may have to wait until I get home to add pics.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Today I rode. From chilly L'anse aux Meadows to warm and sunny Grand Falls-Windsor.  I am now in my tent eating Timbits and relaxing. I was hoping I could keep this camp as home base while I explore St. Johns but it's just a bit too far away. Dammit. I'm going to have to pack everything up and move to another camp in St. Johns. Oh well. Excrement occurs sometimes. 

I can't possibly have too many pillows. But the ones I have seem to be made of the wrong material. First I'm using my Airhawk seat cushion for the pillow pocket on my sleeping bag. Then I have a nice self inflating one for on top of that. Then I have a nice blow up pillow with a slicker-than-snot covering. As soon as I touch it, it goes squirting off like a greased pig. Every time I lay my head on it, it shoots off to the other side of the tent. To bad because it is encased in down. Then I have 2 more blow up pillows. 

I like to be comfy.

And here's how rough the ride was today: my Fitbit thinks I got 28,541 steps today. 

Which reminds me, I forgot to mention the wind.  Wind that was blowing the trees WAY over and blowing me all over the road. I have no idea what the wind speed was but it must have been really high. And the gusts. .. oh my goodness! Overall, it really beat me up.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Today I rode east to Cape Spear and Signal Hill in St Johns. Quite the varied terrain. And there's a bit more civilization although that's really not saying much. 

One thing I've noticed is that there seems to be no police. I saw one yesterday and one today and that's it. A fella I talked to today said there's not much need for them. How nice! Anyway, as I was riding, a car heading towards me flashed his lights so I thought there was a cop ahead. After a minute, I thought instead maybe they were signaling there was a moose by the road. I kept an eye out and saw a deer instead. It was grazing beside the road down the embankment. After a minute a realized there are no deer in Newfoundland. That means it was a caribou. A caribou! U-turn time. I went back and sure enough, it was a caribou. I got a pic before it ran off. I won't know if it turned out until I download the pics to the computer. 

Today I met 2 people. The first was when I stopped at an overlook to take a pic. He was on a Harley. We chatted a bit. He lives in the area. Semi retired. Said if I needed anything he's easy to find. I'm sure all of these towns are the kind where everyone knows everybody. A blessing and a curse I suppose. Anyway, we parted ways. Really nice fella. 

I stopped for food and fuel and while I was sitting there, I looked out the window and there was the Harley. I looked over and there he was at another table. I invited him over and we got to chat some more. Then he bought my lunch! How nice! 

This afternoon at Signal Hill, I parked next to an FZ1. The fella was sitting on the wall overlooking the ocean and we started talking. He works at the airport refueling planes. While we were sitting there, his friend pulled up on the orangest Harley I've ever seen. He works at the local Harley dealer. We sat there and talked a while. The fella on the FZ asked if I had everything I needed and that if I needed anything to give him a call. He said he has a fully stocked garage. Unfortunately I have to get on the road before he'll be up after his night shift at work. Otherwise I'd take him up on it to adjust the chain on my bike. But how nice was that?

The people have been the best part of this trip. Well, except for the whales.  :)

Camping tonight in St Johns. Just finished dinner at a Mexican place. Time to walk back to camp.

Monday, August 17, 2015

600+ km today and I'm whupped.  Rode from St johns to Corner Brook. Just a few hours tomorrow to catch the ferry and I have all day to do it. 

I didn't sleep so well last night. There was a steady stream of traffic in and out past my site all night. And I mean ALL night. 0330 in the morning about a dozen cars in and out. People, you're in the middle of frikkin nowhere! Where the hell are you going? 

I got a hotel room tonight. It'll be nice.

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