Friday, August 14, 2015

Vikings and more

Still waiting for pics to upload so hang tight.  

Today I went back over to L'anse aux Meadows and did the guided tour.  That was very interesting.  They referred to the people as Norsemen.  I wondered what the difference was between Norsemen and Vikings and was told that all Vikings are Norsemen but not all Norsemen are Vikings.  (Kind of like frogs and toads:  all toads are frogs but not all frogs are toads.)  Viking means raider so the vikings were the ones who went on the raids.  

They were here about 1000 years ago.  The remains of the settlement are visible as mounds where the walls of the dwellings were.  They were made of peat and timber frame.  Each one was the size of one of their boats and held about 25 people.  They didn't stay very long.  About 10 years.  

About the time we were leaving L'anse aux Meadows, we saw a moose.  It wasn't real close but easy enough to see with the nekkid eye and much better with binoculars.

After the tour, a couple staying here and I went on a whale watching tour.  Oh. My. Goodness.  There were whales everywhere. A couple of them came right up to the boat.  I'm hoping the pics and video come out good because Oh. My. Goodness.  I think that will end up being the highlight of this whole trip.  We even saw 4 whales breach at once.  Crazy!!  What a fantastic day.  

On the way down to St. Anthony where the whale watching boat was, we saw an iceberg.  I sure didn't expect to see that because it's so late in the season.  And just now sitting in the room at the B&B there's one floating by way way out there.  

Later on about the time it starts to get dark, we're going to walk across the way to the park and see if we can see any moose.

Pics are uploading.  It's taking forever because this connection is so slow.  I had to run it all night last night.  Hopefully I'll get to post some later on tonight.

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