Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Tuesday, August 21 update:

In a hotel in St Anthony NL.  My flight to Halifax isn't until late tomorrow afternoon.  Spent the day sorting out all my motorcycle gear and putting it into a couple of bags I can take on the plane as checked baggage.  Other than that, nothing else going on.

Tried to get a rental car to be able to go to L'anse aux Meadows but there are none available.  

Feeling just so-so today.  I think it's all catching up to me.  I need to slow down a bit.

Oh, good news...  I contacted the company that will be shipping my bike.  That's all taken care of.  They'll let me know as soon as they have possession of the bike and are ready to ship it.  That's one less thing to worry about.  

That's it for now.  Latah gatahs.

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  1. You are probably right Cyn. You have to give yourself a break. What happened is a chock no matter what. And now that you know that you don't need surgery and you are "ok" the little girl in you gets a chance to react. I wish I could be there the bring you ice cream and give you a long hug and tell you that ok to feel that its unfair.
    You have worked hard to prepare for this trip and this was not in your plans.
    Thinking about you daily and sending you good karma. Hope it makes it there.