Monday, August 27, 2012

Ooops! Too long since last update.

Sorry about that!!  

Monday, August 27.

I got to my friend Pete's place and have been hanging out here just recovering.  I haven't done anything until today.  I drove around for a little sightseeing.  Went by the Bay of Fundy but really didn't see any tidal action.  Drove down to Cape D'Or.  It's really beautiful here.  All over.  Dramatic coastline or rolling farm land.  Really nice.  

Other friends are starting to show up so starting today, it ought to be party city.  Not that I'm a party gal.  But it's fun to watch.  

Finally got hold of the guy in Port Hope Simpson about my bike.  I had called and left messages as well as emailed the guy but who knows what happened to that.  He said he wasn't in any hurry because he was waiting to hear from me.  Doh!!!  Holy cow.  Anyway, he said he was going to get the bike off the road today or tomorrow.  Then the shipping sequence can take place.  I hope they hurry up because I need to start heading home.  

I'm doing better each day.  Hopefully that trend continues.  

Thanks for all the emails and calls.  It's pretty remote up here and I have no phone or data and just occasional wifi.  I can send and receive texts though.  

I'll update again when I hear where my bike is.  

Latah gatahs!!  C

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  1. Glad that you are with friends and your recovery is progressing. Don't know if it will make you feel better, but thought I'd tell you about this week - it's been pretty miserable so far and it's getting worse!
    Monday I came in to work and realized that a there had been a technical problem going on all weekend with huge financial consequences. Had to clean up the mess all Monday and most of the Tuesday. Tuesday at work was equally shitty but for a different reason. I was so stressed and tense all day.
    But I had something fantastic to look forward to: Tuesday after work I was going to an amazing practice with Joy Collision, the captain of team USA!!
    I have been working out pretty intensively the last 4 weeks and even before this practice I felt that my quad muscles were a bit over-worked.
    In the first drill we did, I felt that something was not right in my left quad. I tried to ignore it though. No way I was gonna miss out on this amazing practice. Then about 15 minutes into the practice i was doing this awesome drill, lost balance and went down on my left knee and felt a crazy pain in the muscle. I knew this was something bad and left the track to get ice. And I jut broke down and cried like a baby. Think all the stress from work came out at the same time.
    Also later this week I was going to travel to Finland to see Team USA play again Team Finland and to participate in a bootcamp held by the Team USA. At the same time I was going to visit a good friend from Finland. She just had a little daughter and on Saturday I was going to their name giving ceremony.
    Well I could see that with this muscle injury, there was no way I could join the bootcamp, which made me cry even harder!
    Then my mother who has been suffering from a serious complication (veins in her head putting pressure on the nerves causing extreme pain) got a notice from the hospital that she had to come to the hospital this Friday for surgery!
    So there went the hole trip to Finland.
    Shitty week at work. Shitty week at practice, awesome trip cancelled, no flight ticket refund.
    The good news is my mother will hopefully finally get rid of the pain she has been suffering from the last 4 years.
    But damn it this week has been pretty shitty so far!