Thursday, August 16, 2012

Churchill Falls to Goose Bay

This post is incomplete.  Pictures will be added later on when I can get them uploaded.

Day 5:  Light rain when we left.  Stayed that way for the first few hours.  Then it cleared up.  

120 miles of gravel road today.  It was like riding on marbles most of the time.  But if you went fast, it was fine.  60mph was the perfect speed.  

Once we got out of the rain, the road got really dusty.  A truck would come by and we'd be engulfed in a huge dust cloud that we could not see through at all.  

It was beautiful scenery again.  From Churchill Falls, the road starts dropping south again.  It changed from coniferous forest and sphagnum bog to a mix of conifers and hardwoods and sandy soils.  

We stopped just outside of Happy Valley/Goose Bay at Muskrat Falls.  It was about a 10 minute hike and it was well worth it!!  I took video of it and will have to post it later.  More on the falls in a minute.

When we got to HVGB, we stopped for gas.  While paying inside, a lady was asking us where we were from, etc.  I asked if she knew of any campgrounds in the area and she said there was one way out of town but that we could come camp in her yard.  So here we are, tents in the backyard and we're hanging out with her and having a great time.  She fed us, let us shower, and we even did laundry.  She rocks!!!  Thanks a zillion, Janet!!!  :hugs:

Janet was telling us that the Canadian government is preparing to dam the falls for hydropower.  What a shame to lose those falls!!!  While we were hiking there, there were workers clearing a path to the falls.  I'm glad we got to see it like it should be and I took video.  I will post it to youtube.  Sad though that the only way to see it will be on youtube videos.

That's it for today.  Sorry no pics yet.  It's hard to upload now.  I'll post as soon as I can.

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