Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's an adventure all right!

Just not what I was hoping for.  Yesterday, Day 6, I crashed about 100 miles south of Goose Bay.  We had stopped for a break and when we started rolling again, the gravel was thick and loose.  It's really hard riding in that unless you get some speed up.  Once you get moving faster, the bike just floats on top of it and it's smooth sailing.  But before I could get up to speed, the front end started wobbling.  The cure for that is to give it a little more throttle but that didn't work and it got worse until it was a full on tank slapper and it pitched me off high side.  I fell hard on my left shoulder and broke my collar bone and a couple of ribs.  

A French Canadian couple came along behind us and gave me a ride to Port Hope Simpson (they were on their way to Blanc Sablon).  I went to the clinic there where they flew me out to St. Anthony's Hospital.  The clinic doesn't have xray equipment or a doc on staff so they fly folks to St. Anthony's on Newfoundland island for that.  I'm currently waiting on the bone doc to see what needs to be done.  Hopefully just sit still for a while until it heals.  

Once I get finished here, I'll get a rental car and continue on.  Bummer not to do it on the bike but a car is second best.  It'll still work!


  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! This is terrible! Oh, I hope you are ok. The ribs can be so painful. Damn it!!!!!!!
    I'll write a PM.
    Hugs and heal real soon ok!

  2. F! That's not good news. Take it easy now. Al the best and hopefully a fast recovery.