Sunday, August 19, 2012

The saga continues.

Sunday August 19th update:

The doc I saw in the ER came by today and asked me if I saw the bone doc.  I said no.  Nurse said he was here yesterday but didn't come by.  I asked if he was going to come by today and they said no, probably not until Monday.  WTF?!?!  So I'm just sitting here waiting?  I could have done that in the hotel across the street!!  Crimony!  So I continue to wait for the doc to stroll his butt in here and tell me if this needs surgery to fix or not.  Sheesh. 

In the meantime, it seems that it's not so easy to get off this rock.  There are no rental cars.  I found that I can fly from here to St Johns and then get a rental car and drive back to the ferry.  The nurse said she knew what airlines go where and she'd come back later to help me figure it out.  Thankfully Jeremy got on the ferry this morning and is on his way here.  Then we'll figure out a plan.

Sounds like my friends are working out a plan to drive my truck to Nova Scotia where we were going to be meeting anyway.  That would be great because then I can have the bike shipped there (avoiding border issues) and I can drive home from there.

I know some of you think I should just get on a plane and fly home and deal with my shoulder there but I've thought about that and think it's best to get it done here.  If I wait, I'll have to find a doc at home who will see me, wait until I can get an appt there, then wait until they can schedule surgery, etc.  By that time, my shoulder would have healed a good bit in the wrong way and would be more complex to fix.  The fix would not be a complex one if I can just get it done now.  I'd rather just have it fixed here and get on with things.  So I think that's what I'll do.  That's all IF the doc says it needs fixing.  I still don't know that yet.  

Anyway, I'm doing better today.  It doesn't hurt as much as yesterday, my head is clearer, I'm moving around better.  I still need the pain killers but I'm taking ones that don't mess with my head.  I hate those.  I'm taking a powerful NSAID class drug.  It works well but is limited to 5 days max.  By then, Aleve will probably work fine.  

I found a pepsi machine.  That's a nice treat!  The food really sucks here.  I bet prisoners have better food.  The breakfast is 100% carb laden which is the total opposite of what I need.  Can't wait to have a proper breakfast!  And lunch and dinner for that matter.

I'm doing ok.  I'll be glad when I can move on.  Maybe I can still salvage some of this trip.

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  1. Damn! Just checked google earth. You are in the middle of bloody nowhere! Hope that bone doc get's his ass down there to check you out real soon. - And hope he's just as hot as the trauma doc!
    OK, on the good side, this will be a pretty cool story to tell - in like 6 months. But have to agree that bad food is just not ok! Bad food is never ok!